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Laguna Island

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Spotlight Destination

Ethereal Bali:
Witness the harmonious blend of nature and culture. From breathtaking rice terraces to sacred temples, every nook of Bali promises a tale worth telling.

Amelia Simpsons

Blogger / Nomad Traveler / Florida

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Completed Journeys


🌲 ESCAPE TO SERENITY: Retreat in the Evergreen Enclave 🏠

Journey to a secluded haven where time stands still and nature takes center stage. Nestled deep within a dense evergreen forest, our primitive cabin offers more than just shelter—it’s a return to the basics.

Wake up to the harmonious symphony of chirping birds, with the comforting scent of pine filling the air. As the morning mist rises, sip your coffee on the wooden porch, taking in the endless sea of green.

No Wi-Fi. No distractions. Just you, the whispering trees, and a cozy cabin retreat.

Are you ready to rediscover simplicity and immerse in the beauty of untouched nature?

#EvergreenEscape #CabinDreams

🛶 ALASKA AWAITS: Journey Beyond the Ordinary! 🏔️

Whisk yourself away to a world where majestic glaciers meet tranquil waters. Glide silently in a kayak, with only the echo of dripping ice and the call of distant eagles. As you maneuver between colossal icebergs, feel the thrum of ancient wilderness and the heartbeat of the Last Frontier.

Dip your paddle into pristine waters and witness nature in its rawest form. From playful sea otters to the dancing Northern Lights – every stroke reveals another Alaskan wonder.

Are you ready to challenge the elements and embrace the wild?

#AlaskaKayakAdventures #BeyondTheHorizon

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